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Happy 4th July! America’s Independence Day around the world

Happy 4th July! America’s Independence Day around the world

It’s almost time to break out the American flag, douse yourself in red, white and blue and embrace all things USA as America’s Independence Day is nearly upon us.

4th of July is an important national holiday in the US that commemorates the Declaration of Independence established 241 years ago in 1776.

Ever since that fateful day, the holiday has been a mighty display of proud patriotism and a celebration of all things American.

And while in the US July 4th involves impressive firework displays, an abundance of hot dogs and beers, the occasional baseball game and a plenitude of inspirational speeches, this does not mean that 4th July is not a party for the rest of the world.

With American expats having relocated all over the globe and US culture being prominent in many countries, it is perhaps no surprise that 4th July has become an official global event. In fact, in many countries American expats and people with American heritage proudly display their US patriotism on this special day.

Don’t believe us? Check out how other countries go USA for Independence Day.


Denmark is the only country outside of the United States that holds an official 4th July celebration.

Celebrated annually since 1911, thousands of people from across the country gather in Rebild National Park in Jutland for picnics, speeches and to sing some American classics.

Known as Rebildfesten, its organizers claim that it is is the biggest celebration of US independence outside of the USA.

Established originally by Danish-Americans, the celebration continues to attract a huge audience of Danes and Americans alike who come to revel in the party atmosphere of July 4th.

The gathering replicates Independence Day celebrations in the States by holding a fireworks displays as well as organizing speeches from prominent figures in both Danish and American public life.


Norway enjoys an annual Independence Day event in Oslo that has been running for thirty-two years. The event includes musical performances throughout the day as well as food, competitions and prizes that honor all things USA.

The city of Lillestrøm also celebrates 4th July in its own unique way with an Amcar parade. On July 4th, the city becomes awash with American-style cars as thousands gather to celebrate US culture with food, music and of course, an impressive display of new and vintage vehicles. 


With such a strong connection to the US, it’s no surprise that Ireland has its own 4th July Irish America Fest.

Held annually in New Ross, the celebration spans five full days and is jam-packed with US-inspired music, food and entertainment. Events get kicked off with a reading of the Declaration of Independence followed by a ceremonial flag-raising.

From then on, attendees can enjoy Jazz and Blues music, a market, a firework display and even a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party!

China (Shanghai)

Even places as far-flung as China are getting in the festive spirit of 4th of July. 

This year, Shanghai is playing host to the Star Spangled Summer Fest taking place in the city’s thriving center. The party culminates in American-style food and drink as well as live music, DJs, stands from favorite American restaurants and a selection of themed craft beers.

Sydney Australia

Sydney claims the largest 4th July celebrations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hosted by Sydney Americans, the events take place along the city’s famous harbor and includes American DJs and of course, American food and drink. 

This year millions of people around the world will celebrate their American background and this country’s unique culture. With such a strong display of American heritage around the globe it is no surprise that this day is also a day of celebrating family and loved ones.

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