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Ding partner with IRC with donation to Turkey & Syria

Sarah Fitzpatrick

23 Mar 2023

On February 6th 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Southern Turkey near the Syrian border, resulting in thousands of people losing their lives or being seriously injured . This has had a devastating impact on many people’s lives in both Turkey and Syria. As the full scale of the disaster becomes apparent, humanitarian needs have soared.

People from Turkey & Syria have been impacted by the effects of the earthquake

The hardest hit communities include people who have already been displaced several times due to ongoing conflicts. Now, they face further difficulties and many are without adequate shelter, food and basic necessities as temperatures are also plunging to freezing levels.

Ding's Access for Good partners with the International Rescue Committee

Our Access For Good initiative involves us donating 1c from every online top-up we send, to organisations that we partner with around the world. Through Access for Good, we aim to support these organisations in their efforts to provide better education, healthcare, equality, and support to those who need it. The people of Turkey and Syria have been affected by these earthquakes and are in need. We have partnered with the International Rescue Committee by providing a donation. Our aim is that this funding will help people affected in Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the earthquake and start to rebuild their lives.

The Aims & Goals of the International Rescue Committee

The IRC is scaling up response efforts to support affected communities in both Turkey and Syria which will include providing immediate cash, essential items such as household kits, and hygiene supplies. The IRC are supporting essential health care services, will be rehabilitating damaged health care facilities and are ensuring that necessary medical supplies are secured during this critical time. The IRC is also providing emergency protection services that include psycho-social support activities, case management and will continue to provide safe spaces.

How this donation will help the people of Turkey & Syria

As the humanitarian need continues to soar, donations will support the IRC to provide essential health services, cash assistance and basic items, and emergency protection services.

The purpose of Access for Good and what we aim to do?

Our Access For Good initiative aims to provide life-changing help across the globe as well as empower communities which include the most vulnerable. For every mobile top-up sent online, through or on our app, we donate 1c to organisations and charitable partners around the world. Every time you send a top-up with Ding, you are actively helping charities around the world through this initiative. Click the button below to learn more.

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Ding partner with IRC with donation to Turkey & Syria