We're celebrating Pride with no fees!


26 Jun 2020

To celebrate Pride, we're sharing the love with our users with no fees for the rest of June!


Pride month is a time of coming together to celebrate all things love and friendship. Our team at Ding take immense pride in keeping people connected with their loved ones through mobile top-up and we want to share that feeling with you.

So for the rest of June, you can send a top-up to your own phone or someone else's without paying any processing fees!* 

How do I send a no fee top-up?

We've made things easy so you don't need to claim the no fee promotion! Simply send a top-up online or via our app and when you get the summary page you will notice the processing fee is FREE! 

With over 500 operators available worldwide in over 140 countries, now is the perfect time to give the gift of connection and celebrate with friends and family around the world. 

How else is Ding celebrating Pride?

In raising awareness across our teams, all Ding staff virtually joined together this week for Ding's Pride Event!

We had a presentation from Dublin Lesbian Line and Lets Help talking about the support they give to LGBTQAI+ community in Dublin. This was followed up by a open Q&A session with our staff and rounded off with an entertaining online quiz to raise funds for the Dublin Lesbian Line, here in Ireland. 

Our staff have also been showing support through small displays such as adding a 'Ding Pride' background for Zoom meetings and updating online status' with Pride flags where possible. 


We're sharing the love with all our  LGBTQAI+ customers, friends, family & staff in communities around the world. Join us in celebrating with loved ones and keep in touch for less. 

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We're celebrating Pride with no fees!