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Access For Good: Supporting UNICEF's response in Haiti

Jack McLoughlin

10 Aug 2021

The Access for Good initiative allows our customers to do more for their communities. We donate 1c for every online top-up sent by our users, to provide for the people who need it most.


Our current collaboration is with UNICEF, in support of their ongoing response in alleviating malnutrition in Haiti.

Thousands displaced as violence escalates

Clashes among rival gangs in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince have continued to escalate since June of this year.

The unrest has forced almost 8500 women and children who are caught in the crossfire to leave their homes, with many of those homes having been destroyed. Some of these families have lost everything and urgently required living essentials like clean water, food, personal hygiene items, and warm clothing.

A survey conducted by UNICEF in May uncovered that 1 in 5 in Haitian's believe that the ongoing violence is preventing children from going to school, and 1 in 2 people believe violence is making children fearful in Haiti.

Violence puts children most at risk

Due to the fact majority of affected areas are cut off from humanitarian access, it makes it more difficult for children and families to gain access to supplies that are most needed.

As a result, acute malnutrition in Haiti has increased by approximately 61% during the last year for children aged under five.

“Every time, clashes between armed groups are more violent and every time more women and children are forced to flee their homes.“ - Bruno Maes, UNICEF Haiti Representative

How our donation is helping

With little sign of the violence tapering off, immediate action is required to provide children and families in the region with critical food supplies. Donations from the Ding Access For Good initiative will provide immediate support in UNICEF's response to Haiti.

We have provided funds with which UNICEF can procure:

  • Approximately 1000 F-75 therapeutic milk cans, specifically developed for the nutritional recovery of patients suffering from malnutrition, which is enough to help 336 children recover.

  • Approximately 8500 Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packs (RUTF) peanut biscuit packs, which are vitamin and mineral rich, helping save the lives of 63 malnourished children.

  • Supplies to allow health workers to quickly diagnose malnourished children. This includes 34 measuring boards, 293 toddler scales, 24 baby scales and over 27,000 disposable Mid-upper Arm Circumferences to determine acute malnourishment in children.

We partner with some extraordinary charities and together with our users, are empowering communities around the world through our Access for Good initiative. For every top-up you send, we donate 1 cent to supporting UNICEF's work for the world's most vulnerable children.

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Access For Good: Supporting UNICEF's response in Haiti