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Access for Good - SOS Children's Villages

Jack McLoughlin

12 Nov 2020

The Access for Good initiative allows our customers to do more for their communities. Every online top-up provides help for people who really need it.


We donate one cent from every online top-up sent through our website or the Ding app to a chosen charity. Our latest partnership is with SOS Children's Villages, focusing on their 'Take my hand' program in support of Venezuelan families in Colombia.


SOS Children's Villages - a loving home for every child

SOS Children's Villages is an international, independent organization that was founded in 1949 as a response to the thousands of children left homeless and orphaned as result of WWII. Today, SOS Children's Villages is active in 135 countries, supporting children all over the world in their development.

"Our vision is simple. That every child belongs to a family and grows up with love, respect and security".

To deliver on their vision, SOS Children's Villages has response programmes setup all around the world to protect the most vulnerable during emergency crises. Ding was proud to support the 'Take my hand' emergency response program last quarter.


What is the 'Take my hand' program?


The 'Take my hand' program was setup in June 2018 by SOS Children's Villages Colombia, in response to the increased flow of Venezuelan's into the country.

The emergency program ensures that children, adolescents and their families who are in the process of migration are protected, to reduce the risk of vulnerability, ill-health and any violations of their rights.

Since the program was setup, thousands of children and families have had access to SOS centres in the northern areas of La Guajira and Santander. These shelters are safe spaces for children and their families, where they can enjoy education and recreation activities during their journey.

Lizbeth's story

Lizbeth and her two daughters Marielyn (13) and Sheila (11) are part of a family of nine, who have made the journey to Santander from Venezuela. They had been moving for five days before arriving at the centre, where they were able to rest before continuing the final days of their journey.

"Thanks to the centre, we all have been able to rest and experience some happy moments, we feel very well!"

Internet access is also provided at the centre, so Lizbeth was able to contact her family back in Venezuela over Facebook, to let them know they were making good progress. She was also able to contact some friends in Peru, the place they hope to reach.

How our donation is helping

Donations from the Ding Access For Good initiative will go a long way in supporting the 'Take my hand' program in La Guajira. Funding will be provided for:

  • Education programmes for more than 3000 migrant families, Wayuu families and host families. These programmes provide useful information about migrants' rights and safe routes for the remainder of their journey

  • Psychological and alternative education to support more than 1000 children who are outside of formal education

  • Food and hygiene kits which are given to each family to support them on the rest of their journey and

  • Assist in the transport costs of taking families to strategic locations to complete their journey.

Simply by choosing to top-up online with Ding, our customers are helping some extraordinary charities and empowering communities around the world. For every top-up sent, we donate 1 cent to charities just like SOS Children's Villages.

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Access for Good - SOS Children's Villages