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4 reasons to send money abroad this way

Jack McLoughlin

22 Apr 2022

Sending load has grown in popularity as an alternative remittance because it’s faster, lower in cost and gives you peace of mind that you can connect with your loved ones anytime, anywhere. Try it with Ding and get 20% off your first load!

Here are 4 reasons why Filipino's are now sending load instead of standard money transfers:  

1. Sending load is faster – under 3 seconds!

Very fast. When you send a load to the Philippines with Ding, the credit amount is delivered in under 3 seconds. That is 3 seconds from when you hit send and your loved one has credits to call, text and surf the web straight away. Compare this to money transfers which can take a few days to be received and often need to be physically collected.   

2. Save money on fees - mobile load is affordable

Save money without added fees. When sending load to the Philippines, Ding does not charge you any fees. The amount you send is the amount they get. This enables you to send small values in a cost-efficient way, whereas sending small amounts via remittance companies is typically quite expensive.

3. You can double the value you spend

Sending load often includes local bonus promotions run by mobile networks providers. Ding also offers exclusive customer discounts and network promotions. This means constant opportunities to get more without paying more. For example, currently when you send 200 PHP of Smart load through Ding you get 40 PHP for free!

4. Sending load helps you stay connected

Life can be unexpected. The ability to send load instantly gives you peace of mind that you can stay connected with loved ones through good times, bad times and every time in between.  

Ready to improve the way you stay connected? For a limited time we're offering 20% off your first load with Ding, just enter the code TRYDING20 at the summary page, or tap below. 

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4 reasons to send money abroad this way