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Jack McLoughlin

1 Dec 2021

Let's look back at our year at Ding!

2021 has been a big year for us. We turned 15 and we sent our 500 millionth top-up. That's a lot of top-up to imagine, so let us break it down for you:

  • If we took a step for every top-up sent, we could walk around the world 10 times or a quarter of the way to the moon!

  • More top-ups have been sent with Ding than there are people in USA, Canada & Mexico together! (496.4 million)

  • If we read a word for every top-up sent, we could have read all the Harry Potter books 461 times or Shakespeare’s complete works 565 times

  • If we spaced out every top-up and sent one every second, it would have taken 951 years

Over 65 million little bursts of happiness

In the last year, 3.5 million people sent over 65 million top-ups with Ding across the globe!

The joy of saving

In the last year, we spread a little joy by offering you over $700,000 in discounts and special offers!

I ❤️ New York

The city where the most top-ups were bought in the last year was New York. London was second and Dubai third. Most Ding top-ups were received by people in Havana, Kingston and Manila.

Sharing a little love

In the last year, we made donations worth over $150,000 to people who needed help around the world. We partnered with a number of organisations including UNICEF, Save the Children and Afghan NGOs to provide practical and essential aid around where it was needed.

15 years of Ding!

We’ve been helping people send joy to their loved ones for 15 years.

We do truly believe that a little goes a long way, so we have a 15% discount for you. Take our quiz above to unlock your discount code!


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Take our quiz to find out what kind of communicator you are!