Get ₱100 load for FREE when you create and share your Ding personal link!

Jack McLoughlin

4 Apr 2022

Want to get a ₱100 load for free? Create your Ding personal link, share it with your friends and family and we'll send you your free load within 24 hours.

How to get your free ₱100 load:

1. Create your Ding personal link here, enter your number and follow the three easy steps.

2. Once your personal link is created, share it with someone (see options below) before Tuesday, April 5 at 11:59pm (Philippines time).

3. Once you have shared your personal link with someone, that's it! We will reward you with a ₱100 load which you'll receive within 24 hours.

See here for full terms and conditions of the offer.

Benefits of creating a Ding personal link

Faster top-ups! 🚀

You can share your Ding personal link through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or via text message. It means less work for you, so you can get your top-up sooner.

Easier for the sender 🙂

The person sending you top-up doesn't need to be reminded what your mobile number and network provider is. They just need to click your personal link and select an amount and send.

Verified for safety 🔒

When the sender opens your Ding personal link, they will see that it has been 'SMS verified' by you, so they know they can trust it.

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Get ₱100 load for FREE when you create and share your Ding personal link!