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How GTT and Ding can keep you connected to Guyana

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As of 2013, 273,000 people said that they were of Guyanese descent in the US census of that year.

Add to this the amount of people who have left Guyana for destinations around the world, you are looking at a scattering of over 700,000 Guyanese people across the globe.

But just because they may have left does not mean that they do not feel connected to their home country. And it certainly does not mean that they do not still have friends and family back home that they want to keep in touch with.

Perhaps then it is not surprising that Guyana is a huge receiver of international mobile top-up as loved ones around the world send money via phone credit back home.

Access to local top-up shops is not always simple in places like Guyana. Therefore many locals choose to receive their mobile recharge from loved ones abroad.

Ding, the world’s largest sender of international online top-up, works closely with top operator in Guyana, GTT, to ensure that this process of staying connected is as easy as possible.

Ding users all over the world are using our website and app to send mobile recharge to GTT phones in Guyana. Have you joined them yet?

For information on how to use our service, click here. To send a top-up to GTT Guyana, follow this link!

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