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6 of the funniest, strangest and most heart-warming stories from the 2016 Olympics

6 of the funniest, strangest and most heart-warming stories from the 2016 Olympics

As we approach the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, it’s hard not to feel a pang of sadness.

For all the controversy, incredible stories and amazing displays of human strength, it’s upsetting to think we have to wait another four years until the next Games kick off in Tokyo.

While we will miss the endless medal tallying, following our favourite gymnast and discovering sports we never even knew existed, there is a tonne of stories from this year’s event that we will be discussing for months to come.

Here is Ding’s favorite stories from Rio 2016:

1. When one Chinese diver proposed to another

A Chinese diver got more than she bargained for after taking to the podium to accept her silver medal in the women’s 3m springboard dive.

He Zi was left shell-shocked when her boyfriend Qin Kai dropped down on one knee after her medal ceremony.

Qin, who had also taken bronze in the men’s synchronised diving in week one, got very lucky as his surprise proposal was tearfully and gleefully accepted.

2. When the pool turned green overnight

Twitter was alight after a rather bizarre phenomenon appeared to take place in the diving pool overnight. One day the pool was clear and the next it had turned a rather startling shade of green.

Leaving viewers and competitors alike stumped, officials assured athletes that the pool was perfectly safe and competition was not affected.

Theories surrounding the mysterious discolouration continue to circulate but media have held a number of things responsible including algae in the pool, a suspicious chemical reaction and the purported illegal dumping of a large amount of hydrogen peroxide.

3. When two runners displayed sportsmanship at its best

New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin fell during the women’s 5000m qualifying sprint and in the process accidentally tripped up US athlete Abbey D’Agostino.

While it seemed both women’s Olympic dreams were over, what ensued ended up being praised all over the world as an act of true sportsmanship.

D’Agostino quickly got back up and would have had a chance to finish the race and even qualify but instead she decided to help her fallen comrade (whom she had never met before) back to her feet and encourage her to finish the race.

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4. When Usain Bolt dominated the competition

Never has an internet meme been created so quickly.

A picture of Usain Bolt quite literally soaring ahead of his competitors with glee as he ran the 100m sprint was trending all over the world following the Jamaican athlete’s impressive win.

Considering this will be Usain’s last games before he plans to retire in 2017, we reckon this one may take pride of place on his mum’s mantelpiece in Jamaica.

5. When the Fiji men’s Rugby team made history

Though this nation boasts a proud rugby heritage, they had never won an Olympic gold in the sport (or in any sport for that matter).

This tiny pacific nation has now taken home gold for the very first time after the Fiji men’s seven Rugby team beat Great Britain in the final the Olympic tournament.

6. When Ryan Lochte’s hair went green

An unfathomable shade of green made another appearance during the Games as US swimmer Ryan Lochte’s hair took a turn for the worst.

Ryan made the interesting decision to dye his hair a shade of peroxide blonde ahead of this year’s Olympic proceedings.

It was unfortunate that no one appeared to inform the athlete that the effect of chlorine on bleached hair is, in fact, discolouration. Or in this case, a rather unattractive shade of neon green.

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