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5 sayings reminding you why you should top-up Tele2 Lithuania

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It’s safe to say that many common expressions from Lithuania would completely confuse people who speak any other language.

And it’s only when people move from Lithuania that we realize just how unusual these expressions really are.

From somehow ‘swallowing with the eyes’ to ‘roofs driving away’, it’s sure safe to say that the Lithuanian language has some truly unique ways of phrasing common expressions.

Here’s 5 sayings from Lithuania that really only make sense to Lithuanians and remind you why you should always sat in touch:

1. ‘Catching the corner’

When Lithuanians simply don’t understand something they are said to be ‘catching the corner’ (pagauti kampa).

2. ‘Roof drives away’

In Lithuania, people do not simply go mad. Instead, their ‘roof drives away’ (stogas nuvažiuoja).

3. ‘Swallowing with eyes’

You cannot go out and enjoy a nice view in the Lithuanian language.

Instead you simply, ‘swallow with the eyes’ (ryti akimis).

4. ‘Liquid bread’

In Lithuania, friends do not go out to enjoy a few beers. They in fact head out to have some ‘liquid bread’ (skysta duona).

5. ‘Fantasy comes off’

When someone in Lithuania changes their mind, they don’t do just that. It turns out that their ‘fantasy comes off’ instead (atšoko fantazija).


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