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3 reasons why Oktoberfest is the BEST (besides the beer)

3 reasons why Oktoberfest is the BEST (besides the beer)

Apart from the good beer, Oktoberfest is all about the good times.

From traditional folk costumes and music to endless amounts of good food (in particular the sausages), what is not to love?

Many people may be turned off by the idea of drunken people gulping down extra-large pints of alcohol but anyone who has ever lived in Germany will tell you that this festival is so much more than that.

As we approach this wonderful time in the year, we’re reminiscing on the best bits of the world’s oldest beer festival (did you know it’s been around since 1810?!)

Here’s 5 reasons why we LOVE Oktoberfest:

The Devil’s Wheel

Despite the name, the Devil’s Wheel promises an endless amount of fun. This is a large, rotating wheel on which people sit and try desperately to stay put as it gets faster and faster for fun (apparently!).

Who wouldn’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers crowded together on a moving, wooden wheel?

As one of the oldest attractions of the festival, the aim of the game is to stay on the wheel for as long as possible. Or, as is more likely the case, find yourself crashing through others to your utter humiliation as you try desperately to stay on (much to the delight of the large crowd gathered to watch).

Give in to the gingerbread

Try as you may, there is no chance you will not bump into a gingerbread heart on your exploration of Oktoberfest.

You could go for a reasonable size, but why would you want to when you can get a biscuit that is literally the size of your head?

Either way, gingerbread is happening and you just have to accept it.

Get up on Toboggan

Toboggan is a 20m high tower you can climb up in order to enjoy a slide all the way back down.

In order to get up on Toboggan, you have to ride on a very fast-moving conveyor-belt and let’s just say it is not the easiest to master.

So even if the slide doesn’t interest you, rest assured there is much entertainment to be had watching a tonne of drunk people try to ascend the tower.

Dress up

If you intended to get into the spirit of Oktoberfest in your jeans and jumper, think again my friends.

You have not truly experienced Oktoberfest until you have put on the traditional garb.

Yep, we are talking lederhosn (leather pants) for the boys and Dirndls for the ladies.

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Because everyone knows no one can do Oktoberfest quite like the Germans.

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