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Making a difference in Nicaragua: Michael’s story

Making a difference in Nicaragua: Michael’s story

Michael Cipoletti spends roughly 220 days of every single year in Nicaragua

In 2007, Michael left the business world in the States to work on not-for-profit initiatives targeting mainly Central and South America.

“A club from my high school… has been active in Nicaragua since 1992. That’s how it all got started.

“While I have had the opportunity to work in other countries, Nicaragua is nearest and dearest to my heart. “

In February of 2011 Michael helped to set up and run FNE International, an organisation that helps to organise and fund initiatives to allow for improved opportunities for people living in Nicaragua. 

“Our projects include housing, education and health (things like potable water, work against domestic violence, women’s health paediatric health etc).

“We have also built a library which has a music program, poetry program, woman’s empowerment workshops, gardening workshops in addition to traditional library services.”

Currently, the dedicated team at FNEI are working on an important project entitled ‘Para Todo Los Niños’ which will help aid children with chronic illnesses. In many developing nations, getting access to specialist care for children presents a number of challenges.

“For many of these families, accessing care that may… be free or low-cost is still prevented by the barrier of travel costs and time away from work.

“[FNE] plan to enrol 50-75 children with chronic or complex medical needs in a… project to provide consultations on their care. Our team of paediatricians and nurses will review the cases, gather histories from parents, evaluate the patients and provide teaching to the families (including the patient when appropriate) and the local medical staff.”

Living constantly in transit whether working on one of their amazing projects in Nicaragua or fundraising in the States, staying connected to both loved ones and colleagues can be a challenge for Michael.

“Whether it is to call my mom in NY or to connect a trip participant with a family member, I use Ding to recharge my phone.

“It is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to ensure I have minutes on my phone before I travel.

“I use Ding to recharge my friends and co-workers (including my dog-sitter) to ensure that I can keep in the loop.”

Michael uses Ding to recharge the Claro Nicaragua phones of colleagues so that they can stay connected as they continue their work in South America. 

To show your support for FNEI and the amazing work they do in Nicaragua, head to their website or click on the donate button below. 


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