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7 things you have noticed since moving from Mexico

7 things you have noticed since moving from Mexico

The saying ‘there is no place like home’ may be a familiar one for many Mexicans who have relocated abroad.

You may not miss every part of living in this fascinating country, but one this is for sure; Mexicans certainly have their own ways of getting things done.

Here are 6 things you have probably had to adjust to since you have moved from Mexico:

You can’t just hail a bus wherever you are

Odds are that in your new country of residence, bus stops are found at specific locations and are the only places where your bus will stop.

In other words, you have to go to the bus, the bus will not come to you.

You can’t get over how little hair product people use

It is odd to be in a confined space with other people and not to become choked on a concoction of hairspray, hair gel and several other unnecessary hair products.

And you have probably started to realise that you are now the one causing the choking.

You go to a birthday party where someone’s face is NOT pushed into the cake

It is strange to you to attend civilised birthdays in which the birthday boy or girl is not pushed head first into the cake.

Less weird is the obvious lack of piñatas.

You are probably less than impressed by the chilli selection in your local supermarket

If you are trying to recreate any dish from home, you have more than likely been dismayed by the spice, veg and sauce selection at your local supermarket.

Perhaps most worrying is the fact that there is not an entire aisle dedicated to different types of chillies. Where are they?!

When you order a beer, you just get a plain beer

Beer outside Mexico appears to come with no extra adornments.

And you have to admit that you miss the odd dash of lime and salt or the assortment of random sauces, chilies and tomato juice.

You lament the day that beer became boring.

Conversation is a lot quieter

You are used to people screaming over each other and loudly laughing in very fast Spanish.

So for you, quiet, polite conversation is totally bizarre.

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