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4 things you HAVE to do in Yucatán (according to a local)

4 things you HAVE to do in Yucatán (according to a local)

We don’t have to be Mexican to know that this is a country full of amazing sights to see.

But when we get some invaluable insight from a person born and bred in this unique nation, we are definitely going to take stock .

Yucatán, a fascinating region located at the tip of Mexico’s southern peninsula, is packed full of stunning sights, wonderful natural landscapes and of course, fun and friendly locals.

So when Ding customer Gustavo (who is now living in Canada but regularly sends Telcel Mexico recharge back home) told us all about his favourite things to do in his region, it’s safe to say that we were all ears.

Here are 4 things you have to do in Yucatán (according to a local):

Try typical Yucatecan food

 “Cochinita Pibil, Mukbil Pollo, Panuchos, Papadzules, Huevo Motuleños, Relleno Negro… We have so many nice things in Yucatán, I would never finish!” says Gustavo.

Mexican food may be known all over the world, but that doesn’t mean you should always order the tacos while visiting there. Instead, opt for local dishes for an authentic culinary experience.

Cochinita Pibil is a good option if you are feeling some slow-roasted pulled pork, for tasty chicken stew and corn bread opt for the Mukbil Pollo or if you are feeling some classic tortillas with a Yucatecan twist order the Panuchos.

Do the Puuc Route

 “Another of my favorites is the Puuc Route. You visit lots of Mayan places including Uxmal, Labna, Kaba and many more.”

Yucatán is famous for its Mayan ruins so you can’t leave the region without seeing at least one. But even if you are strapped for time, according to Gustavo you will see everything you need to see in one day if you travel the Puuc Route.

Not only will you visit all of the main ruins but you will also get to explore some ancient caves, a cenote, a museum and larger Mayan towns. See you there!

Bathe in Las Coloradas

 “Las Coloradas is stunning!”

Las Coloradas, located on the gulf coast, is a small fishing town that is known for its salt production.

Though it is well off the tourist trail, it is worth a visit for its miles of empty beaches, stunning salt dunes and best of all, its pink lagoons.

See a cenote

 “If you go to Yucatán, they have a cenote route where you can visit lots of cenotes and also swim and eat.”

A cenote is a naturally formed landscape which occurs when a bed of limestone collapses revealing a fresh water source below.

Usually associated with amazing plants, stunning views and clear water to swim in, visiting a cenote while in Yucatán is certainly one thing that just has to be done (especially as the region boasts a wealth of these stunning landscapes).

But what are the best cenotes to see? According to Gustavo, ik Kil and Samulá are definitely top.

If you are feeling homesick for Mexico, why not join Gustavo and the thousands of Mexican diaspora around the world who are sending Telcel Mexico recharge back home.

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