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Customer Stories: Suri from Mexico

Customer Stories: Suri from Mexico

For Suri and Elba their friendship started in a very unusual way.

On the way to the United States from Mexico for a business trip, Elba’s flight was delayed by a few hours. Frustrated and alone in the airport Elba found a quiet place to sit where she browsed the web and checked emails on her laptop.

A young girl approached her and asked to take the empty seat next to her. Her mother apologised for the interruption but Elba was happy to speak to her.

Suri, was a 7 year old with a bright smile and was full of confidence. After chatting for some time, Suri asked Elba; ‘I don’t scare you?’

‘Of course not, why would I be?’ replied Elba.

‘Because of my scars.’

Suri was just 5 years old when she had an accident that would change her life. While playing in her back yard a gas canister exploded and left her badly burned.

When Suri met Elba in the airport, she was waiting on a flight to travel to Houston, Texas for a hospital appointment. Her flight was cancelled and with no money to get another, Elba performed a random act of kindness and helped Suri and her family to get a bus to ensure they made it to the hospital.

Since their meeting in the airport, Elba & Suri have stayed in touch consistently. They call and text regularly and Suri’s parents send pictures.

Elba supports Suri with gifts like school stationary and she uses Ding to keep Suri’s phone recharged so they can keep in touch.

Elba travels a lot for work but she is always able to keep in touch using the Ding app to send mobile recharge to Mexico. 

From a chance meeting in an airport, their friendship has blossomed into something that will undoubtedly be lifelong.

Elba was the winner of our Valentine’s Day competition where we asked our customers to submit stories about the people who they send recharge to. Ding has awarded Suri with a year of free recharge.

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