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Recharge for Honduras coffee and a little boy in need: Dave’s story

Honduras coffee farmer Dave farms coffee in south america honduras

If you had told Ding user Dave that he would one day run a coffee farm in Honduras, he probably would have laughed.

It all started with a simple act of goodwill and a young boy who had traveled all the way from South America to the US.

“While visiting my mother one day she told me there was a young boy from Honduras living next door and he wore the same clothes every day,” says Dave.

“She told me to go buy him some new ones. This began a long road of helping him. I fed and clothed him and my sister, Marcia, helped him with school. He was 11 then.”

From here, Dave found himself to be an integral part of young German’s life and it was not long until they considered themselves family.

“The school called one day and told me my son needed money for some shop class project. I told them that I had no children. They said German put you down as father.

“I talked to him and he said he had no dad so I was elected. We traveled to Honduras several times.”

German is now 31 with a son of his own, Eli aged 11, the same age German was when he met Dave.

As they began to grow older, Dave and his family came up with a way to support German and his family.

“I now have a coffee farm in Honduras. I retired and needed something to do besides ’Grandpa stuff.’

“Since German’s cousins had small one or two acre coffee farms already, we decided to give it a go. We now have 10 acres of mature trees and 60 acres of young coffee trees. Keeps me hopping!”

It was not long after these events that Dave discovered Ding, a service which allowed him to keep the phones of his loved ones and employees in Honduras recharged.

This meant that Dave could stay connected to business while residing in the US.

“I use Ding to keep me, my family and key employees’ phones topped-up without leaving the house. What a time-saver!

“When I am home in USA I can keep phones topped-up no farther away than my arm chair and when German is in Honduras I keep his phone to topped-up with Ding.

“[Without this service], you have to stop and find an outlet for phone cards. Buy one, put codes in and only then are you good to go.

“[With Ding], you can bring up the app and do all that from home. Just takes seconds. When I call German from the USA I also buy long-distance minutes from Ding.”

We may not be able to get you a delicious cup of Dave’s Honduras coffee but we can help you join thousands of people sending recharge to loved ones with Ding.

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