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Keeping the family connected despite distance: Sifredo’s story

Keeping the family connected despite distance: Sifredo’s story

Sifredo and Rosaline married on Sep 28 1991, exactly one year after the birth of their first son.

At first, things were looking extremely positive for the young family despite living in a country plagued with political violence and internal armed conflict.

Sifredo worked as a driver and secured a steady job for a National Financial Institution while at home Rosaline gave birth to the couple’s second son. Unfortunately this stable lifestyle took a difficult turn when the bank that Sifredo worked for closed due to reforms in the agricultural system in El Salvador.

In 2000, when his sons were aged 3 and 7 years respectively, Sifredo was forced to take a low-paying public transportation job in order to support his young family.

Not satisfied with his source of income, the father-of-two decided to join the growing numbers of Salvadorans who were looking for ‘better opportunities’ abroad. It was in this year that Sifredo decided to make the difficult decision to relocate thousands of miles from his family and risk the hardships of illegal immigration in order to support his loved ones back home.

This story is not a unique one to El Salvador or many other countries in Central and South America. It is estimated that over 2.7 million Salvadorans live in the USA illegally and the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador reported that remittances from abroad to the country exceeded USD $4.2 million in 2015.

It has now been 16 years since Sifredo has been home to El Salvador. It is in circumstances such as this that the power of services such as Ding and mobile top up become painfully apparent.

By sending an instant top up to the phones of his family back home (which now includes in-laws and grandchildren) Sifredo can hear the voices of those who matter most to him and stay connected to those for whom he has sacrificed so much.

Join Sifredo and send a top-up to those who matter to you today. You can top up a Tigo El Salvador phone here.

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