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Happiness in the form of a recharge: Rosita's story

Happiness in the form of a recharge: Rosita's story

Every day thousands of Salvadorans migrate to other countries due to the lack of security and stability that exists in their country.

Rosita and her husband experienced the difficulties of living in El Salvador during these turbulent times. Two years ago, they made the difficult decision to send their 25 year old son, Jose, to live in the USA. The decision was made even harder by the fact that Jose had to leave his 1 year old baby back home.

The passage to the USA was not easy for Jose and Rosita mentioned that at times during the immigration process, he was hungry and alone in a strange country far from home.

At some points, they were unable to speak to Jose, and Rosita told us: "It is a process through which we all suffer, wondering whether your child will arrive alive or not .. When I knew he had arrived safely I was extremely happy."

In the two years that have passed since he left El Salvador, Jose has settled in Manhattan, New York and is now thankfully in a much safer environment.

Jose has been working as a gardener in order to help support his family and his daughter back in El Salvador. His move has meant that he can create a better life for himself and his family back home.

Jose has been using the Ding app to contact his mom and the rest of his family. Rosita is very happy because thanks to the top-ups Jose sends to her she can chat at any time of the day she wants.

Jose constantly sends photos and videos to his family back home to keep them updated on his life in New York.

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