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A new life abroad to support those at home: Marina's story

A new life abroad to support those at home: Marina's story

In 1996, Marina made the difficult decision to leave her home in El Salvador and to travel to the United States in search of better opportunities.

Marina was introduced to the dressmaking trade by her parents and was a skilled seamstress. When she qualified, there were very few opportunities in her industry in El Salvador. As the eldest of her siblings, it was Marina’s responsibility to provide for the family.

 Her 7 brothers and 4 sisters were dependent on her wages and she soon realized that this would not be feasible if she was to stay at home.

Like thousands of other El Salvadorians, Marina made the journey to America. She settled in Los Angeles and has made a life for herself there.

Along with sending home remittances, Marina has used to send recharge to her family. For Marina and her family, each call or text helps to make the distance feel smaller.

'Thanks to Ding top ups I can be in touch with all my family anytime and feel them a little closer despite the distance, a unique special moment' - Marina

Join Marina and thousands of others who are sending invaluable Movistar recharge back home to El Salvador. 

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