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The spirit of Carnival and how to incorporate it into your daily life

The spirit of Carnival and how to incorporate it into your daily life

For many countries around the world, Carnival represents the finest in fun festivities.

Particularly for countries of the Caribbean, this iconic festival represents the best of the region’s history, culture, music and food.

Carnival is a Christian festival that usually takes place before or after the period of Lent, though this varies from country to country.

The festivities usually cumulate in a large street parade where participants don elaborate costumes and enjoy great food and drink.

Tourists from across the globe are willing to travel far and wide to join in the fun with hundreds of thousands of people believed to travel to Rio de Janeiro’s carnival each year (which is believed to be the biggest in the world).

While Carnival takes place in different countries throughout the year, for Jamaicans and many other regions the festival takes place in late March/ early April.

While you may be living far from home and the festivities, carnival is a time to get in touch with loved ones and Ding and operators such as LIME Jamaica are making it easier than ever.

So whether you happened to be in the center of the action in Jamaica or were celebrating somewhere far from home, it’s safe to say we could all do with a good dose of Carnival spirit in our lives all year round.

Embrace the culture

The Carnival has a long and elaborate history that varies greatly from country to country.

Understanding the nature of the celebrations and why they happen is a wonderful way to acknowledge the culture of different countries around the world and share them with others no matter where you are.

Planning your own small Carnival-themed party if you are living away from home is a great way to stay engaged with your culture while also introducing it to others.

Get dancing

Nothing can boost your mood better than a good boogie.

Dancing is vital to the celebrations of Carnival but sticking on your favourite music from home can help you feel much closer to the action at any time of the year.

Also if you are lucky enough to live near a community hall, take a look of the classes on offer. From Zumba to Bokwa, you may be surprised by the variety on offer.

Dress Up

The origins of the Carnival often cite the festival as an opportunity for people to dress up in elaborate costumes and become someone else for a day.

Clothes can often be an indicator of your heritage but also make you feel unique and comfortable.

Donning the native dress of your home country in public or even in the comfort of your home is a way to show that you are undoubtedly proud of your heritage. 

Keep in touch

Nothing can make you feel further away from home than wishing you were back to celebrate the big festivals and holidays of the year.

Make sure to catch up on all the news and events from home by keeping your loved one’s phones topped up.

No matter what time of the year it is, thanks to Ding and LIME Jamaica, it has never been easier to top up and stay in touch.

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