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Love and long distance calling Jamaica: Ursula’s Story

Love and long distance calling Jamaica: Ursula’s Story

It has been a long journey for Ding user Ursula and her partner Bobby.

From first meeting in a nightclub eleven years ago to losing touch only for their love to be rekindled, it’s safe to say that this relationship has been tried and tested.

“My husband and I met in August 2006 in a nightclub in Tampa, Florida,” says Ursula about the pair’s first meeting.

“I was mesmerized by a tall, dreadlocked guy… [and] not willing to miss an opportunity, I boldly asked for a dance. I asked him for his cell phone and I programmed my number. I have never done that before and have never done it since. 

From that fateful night, things clicked for Ursula and Bobby who began to spend most of their time together. By December of 2006, the pair were living together.

“We had a blast. We took turns cooking and I, being a bonified neat freak, always did the cleaning. I have never been so happy in my home.

“By the time I graduated from nursing school in 2008, Bobby was flourishing in his quality assurance role in a call center that was literally walking distance from the house.”

While nearly four years went smoothly for the pair, it was their respective careers that drove the pair reluctantly apart. Bobby was offered a job in Guatemala while Ursula felt compelled to move to NYC for her nursing career.

“So by June 2010, we both headed in literally different directions. He ultimately declined the position in Guatamala but still held a great position at the Florida call center.

“I entered into the fast-paced world of NYC. We spoke over the phone, but after a while we stopped calling each other. He never left my thoughts or prayers because I lost a [partner] but more than that a friend.”

Though it may have seemed that things were over, neither gave up on each other. Fast forward to 2015 when the couple got back in touch via Facebook and rekindled their romance, ultimately agreeing to marry.

But of course, things are never simple. Bobby had returned to Jamaica, his home country, thus separating the couple by an even greater distance.

“We got married in Jamaica on September 18, 2015. We had the ceremony under a flowered trellis with Robert's cousin as witness. We chose traditional vows and the justice of the peace threw in some fatherly advice to ensure our success. 

“Despite the distance, we operate like the average married couple.”

The couple are currently waiting for Bobby to be granted a green card to be able to return to the States and move to New York to be with Ursula.

Though optimistic, Ursula admits that it is difficult not being close to her partner.

“He is my husband but he is also my calm in the midst of storms, and I in his. So if we were granted the gift of each other's physical presence, our lives would resume as harmonious as it once was.

“However, with the ease of the Ding app, making sure his balance is replenished is a breeze.”

Join Ursula and thousands of others sending FLOW mobile top-up to loved ones in Jamaica.

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