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How Jamaican Diaspora use their phones (Infographic)

How Jamaican Diaspora use their phones (Infographic)

We all know how much Jamaicans tend to love their phones.

Young or old, it is not surprising to discover that many Jamaicans spend a lot of time calling and texting friends and family, browsing on Facebook or sending Snapchats.

But we wanted to know exactly how reliant this tech-savvy bunch are on their phones (which is why we went ahead and asked them!)

Unsurprisingly over 95% of the people we surveyed said that they owned a smartphone and a further 94% said that they slept with their phone switched on.

We also discovered that their favourite social media app was WhatsApp (followed closely by Facebook) and that their all-time favourite person to call was a partner.

And not only do Jamaicans like to keep in touch with their mobile but they are also more than happy to shop online with 82% saying they make regular online purchases.

Check out the rest of the results of our survey in our infographic below:


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