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Staying connected to loved ones in Haiti is simple thanks to Natcom and Ding

Staying connected to loved ones in Haiti is simple thanks to Natcom and Ding

Even if you happen to have taken up residence in some far-flung corner of the globe, you know that the Haiti is and always will be in your blood.

And even though deep down you realise that it is impossible to forget where you have come from, you also know that it can be very difficult to stay in touch with those you have left behind.

However thanks to operators in Haiti such as Natcom, Ding can make life as simple and hearty as a slice of pain patate.

Using our free app and website, you can send international top-up to the phones of loved ones back home in just a few clicks of the mouse or a swipe of the thumb.


It does not matter how many miles now lie between you and Haiti, Ding sends recharge to over 130 countries around the world from anywhere.

That’s why so many people are using our service to reconnect with friends and family.

And why should you be any different? We know that nothing is quite like home, but we’re on hand to make things just a little bit easier.


Here at Ding, we pride ourselves on creating an easy-to-use service making top-up available for anyone.

To send reliable top-up to a Natcom Haiti phone today, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into the app or on Ding,com (if you don’t have an account, create one here)
  2. Select the contact or enter the number of the phone you want to recharge
  3. Confirm the amount
  4. Send the gift of top-up


We know how important family is to Haitians so make sure you pick up the phone and give them a call today.

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