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Stay in touch with loved ones in Haiti with Ding and Digicel

Stay in touch with loved ones in Haiti with Ding and Digicel

We all know just how difficult it can be to stay in touch with friends and family in general but living on different continents or time zones can make things seem a lot harder.

And yet, we all know the feeling of wanting to check-in, hear the voices of our loved ones and take a moment to reminisce about the sights and smells of home.

With millions of Haitians estimated to be living abroad, it is certainly not uncommon to crave a moment of life back home or even just a bite of mom’s home cooking.

So even though you may be oceans away, here are three simple ways we like to stay connected:

Planning Ahead

While it may not be an option for everyone, planning your next trip back to Haiti is a sure-fire way to feel one step closer to home.

Whether you can head back in two weeks or not for another two years, having a set date for the moment you get to feel sand beneath your feet again is a great motivator for you and something the whole family can look forward to. 

And everyone knows that nowhere can do your favourite Haitian dishes quite like home (because it never tastes the same).

Social Media

This may seem like an obvious one but getting older members of the family on social media can be considered a serious feat.

No one can deny the importance of technology when trying to stay in close contact with relatives, no matter where in the world they may be.

And while we may not be living near-by, family still tend to be the most influential people in our lives and somehow manage to stay very involved in it (some might say too involved).

So whether they’re busy liking and commenting on everything we post or using it for the sole purpose of sending us constant updates from home, social media proves that you are never truly very far from loved ones.

Staying in contact

Being used to getting drowned by snow in New York or waiting for a bus in the rain in London, we can really feel a million miles away from the blue skies of Haiti.

So thank goodness it has never been easier to pick up the phone or drop a text to friends and family.

With Ding, you can recharge the phones of loved ones in seconds letting you text and chat with relatives to your heart’s content.

So it’s official, you really have no excuse not to stay in touch (just don’t tell that to mum!).

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