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5 ways to stay safe in Haiti during hurricane Matthew

5 ways to stay safe in Haiti during hurricane Matthew

Many parts of the Caribbean have been facing torrential rain and winds of up to 240km/h as hurricane Matthew descends upon the region.

The storm has been given a category-four status and is set to bring up to 64cm of rain over the next few days.

Weather warnings have been issued to numerous countries in the region with Jamaica already affected by heavy rainfall and flooding.

Meanwhile in Haiti, authorities have urged residents to stock up on vital supplies and secure their homes as best as possible on the island as the hurricane fast approaches.

The storm, which is being described as the most powerful Atlantic storm in recent history, is set to pass east of Jamaica and hit Haiti late on Monday before reaching Cuba on Tuesday.

As many people brace themselves for a difficult 48 hours, here are 4 simple tips for staying safe during hurricane Matthew:

Stay indoors

As schools across the nation close, if your home is located in an area designated safe by authorities it is important to remain indoors for the duration of the storm.

Unless there is an evacuation requirement for your area, authorities are urging people to stay in their homes and avoid unnecessary journeys.

Stock up on essentials

With hurricane Matthew’s affects expected to last for at least 24 hours, residents have been urged to stock up on essential supplies to avoid the need to travel over the next few days.

Essential items apart from food include torches in case of power failure and bottled water as a disruption to water supply can also be expected.

It is important to have enough water to consume and cook with as well as to wash and flush the toilet with in case of an unexpected power failure. It is also important to stock up on petrol in case it is necessary to evacuate.

Prepare your home

Adding extra protection to your home or business may be a good idea if you are concerned about windows and doors being affected by high winds.

Sealing these area with wooden boards is a good option and reduces risk of items inside receiving damage. Home should still be evacuated if recommended by local authorities.

Stay in touch

Making sure your loved ones are safe and informing friends and family abroad of your own safety while the weather warning is in place is vital.

Ensure that your phone and the phones of loved ones are recharged with fast and reliable credit during this time.

To send a recharge, simple head over to Ding’s top-up Haiti page and enter the number of the Digicel phone you would like to recharge.

Listen to the authorities

Keeping on top of news reports and official statements from officials is very important. Jamaica’s government has announced that the country has been given a Level Three status, the highest level there is at this time.

With evacuation announcements being issued as well as police instruction on how to stay safe, never has it been more important to keep on top of news reports during this time.

Keep in touch with loved ones in the Caribbean today and send a Digicel Haiti recharge!

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