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4 ways to incorporate Haitian culture into your new life abroad

With almost one million Haitian people having relocated to the US alone, it safe to say that this nation has a pretty large community abroad.

And with such a unique heritage and way of life, many people who have relocated from Haiti still have strong ties to the culture of this fascinating place.

Thanks to Ding and reliable mobile operators such as Digicel Haiti, it is now easier than ever to keep in contact with your loved ones at home and take the time to remember exactly where you came from.

But just because you have moved to a new country does not mean you have to expunge all your Haitian heritage and tradition.

Follow our simple guide to keeping your Haitian identity exercised in your new life abroad:

Celebrate holidays

Just because you can’t make it home for one of the biggest celebrations of the year, does not mean that you should not celebrate it.

Whether you deck out your home for Carnival in February or show your patriotism on Independence Day on January 1st, there is no reason to stop celebrating the major holidays of your home country no matter where you are in the world.

Find an expat group

Haiti has a large expat community and finding like-minded people who have also relocated from their home country is a wonderful way to meet new people.

Not only do you have something in common but who better to help you settle into a new life abroad that those from home who have already made the difficult move.

Cook Haitian delicacies

One thing you probably miss the most about home is the amazing traditional food you can find on the dinner tables of most families.

All native people to Haiti will know the taste of a good bouillon or a simple concoction of rice and beans. While you may not be able to cook them exactly like your mum does, regularly indulging in some local dishes will give you a flavor of home (literally!).

Keep in touch

The best way to keep in touch with your roots is to keep in touch with your loved ones back home.

By using Ding to recharge the Digicel phones of friends and family in Haiti, you can now contact them at anytime, anywhere.

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