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3 true things you wish people knew about Haiti

3 true things you wish people knew about Haiti

If you grew up in Haiti or have ever lived there, you probably know the country and its unique customs like the back of your hand.

For example, you would know that Haitian parents can simply not be reasoned with and you would definitely know that trying to get anywhere or do anything on time is a real challenge.

What you may also be aware of is that many people around the world do not know all that much about this unique Caribbean nation.

Many people associate Haiti with the devastating earthquake of 2010, but as a Haitian native or a Haitian resident, here are some of the things you actually wish people knew about your fascinating home country.

Haitian cuisine is really (and we mean REALLY) delicious

It’s a bit annoying for many Haitians that the national cuisine of this island nation gets lumped in with Caribbean food in general.

While food in the country may use many of the same ingredients as its neighbours, Haitian delicacies most definitely have a truly unique flavour and style.

With its own favoured seasonings and the very liberal use of peppers, food doesn’t get much better than a Haitian patty or a hearty bowl of soup joumou.

Haitians are totally soccer crazy

Not only are Haitians die-hard soccer fans, this beloved sport is the official sport of the country which will be no surprise to anyone who has actually lived in Haiti.

If there is a big match on (especially the World Cup), you can probably forget about doing anything else as everything will be at a stand-still.

Oh and we really pity the poor person who accidentally sits on the remote and changes the channel.

Parties are SWEET in Haiti

Despite never starting on time and the sheer amount of preparation that goes into every gathering, you know you are going to get good music, good vibes and good company at a Haitian shindig.

And the best part? You will probably be given a tray of scrumptious food to bring home with you.

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