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Hope for Haiti’s Children: Tonya’s story

Hope for Haiti’s Children: Tonya’s story

It’s been twenty-two years since US charity Hope for Haiti’s Children began their amazing work in Haiti.

The organization has worked tirelessly for the last two decades to equip children in need with the tools that will enable them to have a chance at a better life.

“Hope for Haiti’s Children has been in Haiti since 1995,” says Tonya, the organization’s Vice President.

“[We started to] work with Haitian principals and administrators to nurture, educate and train the children in ten schools and two orphanages [in Haiti].”

And a lot has happened since then. The organization has worked to provide orphan housing and care for the children of Haiti, as well as providing crisis relief and medical missions to the area.

One of the group’s key initiatives is education. Through the charity’s ‘Child Education Sponsorship’ program, Hope for Haiti’s Children has helped over 1600 kids receive an education, something not widely available in Haiti.

“This program provides them with opportunities to become leaders for tomorrow,” says Tonya.

As the organization operates 100% in Haiti, communications with staff is key for the charity to be able to do what they do.

“Communication… is vital [to enable staff to] efficiently work with each other and for them to communicate with our staff in the US. This is where Ding comes on!

“Each month, we top-up the phones for everyone from our President to our orphanage administrator, security personnel, bus driver and mission team coordinators.

“Having the ability to add minutes to their phones ensures that they can co-ordinate operations to help our children.”

And never are these communications as vital as when a tragedy strikes as the charity has learned over time.

“There are times when crisis strikes in Haiti and we have the immediate need to assess the damage, make wise decisions and plan immediate response measures. 

“When Hurricane Matthew struck in October 2016, we were able to send additional minutes to the phones of our core team so that we could get timely updates on the conditions there and prepare for response efforts. 

“In addition, we have enjoyed using the phone app for Ding. Since all our contacts are stored in our account, top-ups are even easier to do no matter where we are.

“Thank you so much for helping us work together on the ground to serve the children in Haiti.”

To help support the amazing work of Hope for Haiti’s Children or read more about the charity, you can visit their website here and help change the life of a child in one of the world’s poorest countries.

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