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7 ways you know you are from the Dominican Republic

From its signature dishes to its bustling cities, growing up in the Dominican Republic sure is a unique experience.

Those coming from these sandy shores will tell you that there is certainly no place like home (and no people quite like the Dominican people).

So no matter where you may be in the world, check out some of our tell-tale signs that you are most definitely a native of this amazing country:

1. You can dance

Not only were you born with the natural ability to dance, but there’s no way that you can resist the mesmerising rhythm of Bachata.

Because nothing can beat some live music, an excellent dance partner and heading out to shake those hips.

2. You can eat

Whether you love nothing more than mangu tres golpes in the morning (because eggs and bacon alone just won’t do) or need tostones in your daily life, you know that food anywhere else in the world doesn’t quite compare.

You have also probably realized that mum was right when she said that sancocho is the most comforting food in the entire world.

3. You look after yourself

Many Dominicans take great pride in their appearance and why shouldn’t they?

You may only be heading to the grocery store but rest assured that you will make the effort to look flawless (and will take your sweet time to do so).

4. You are very picky about cake

No one can make cake quite like they can at home and you have accepted this.

And will never understand why the rest of the world has not caught on to ‘suspiro’ meringue icing, the greatest (and tastiest) invention ever.

5. You are probably always late

See point 3.

6. You speak ridiculously fast

You would rather speak to other people from the Dominican Republic and not without good reason.

At least you know that those from back home can definitely keep up!

 7. You have a big family

The awkward moment when you meet someone new only to realize that you are actually related.

They may only be your aunt’s husband’s cousin’s daughter but you are related nonetheless.

Despite this, many will tell you that family is one of the most important aspects of life in the Dominican Republic so make sure to keep your loved ones recharged with Ding and local, reliable operators. 

Because how could you not want to keep in touch with that amazing place you are proud to call home.

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