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4 places in Dominican Republic that prove how special it is

places in dominican republic special connection los haitises

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Dominican Republic will know its enduring appeal.

From the bustling cultural hubs that are all of its major cities to the unspoilt magic of its never-ending beaches, those from this magical country will know how special it is even if they have moved away.

So whether you still find yourself hanging in the Republic or have relocated to a destination thousands of miles away, here are 3 places which prove what you already know; that you will always have a special connection to the Dominican Republic:

Samaná Bay

Known for its unrivalled views, waterfalls and wildlife, Samaná Bay boasts unspoilt nature at its finest.

Listed as one of the finest beaches in the world, it’s no surprise locals are proud to call this place home.

And if the crystal clear waters don’t tempt you, perhaps being home to a large community of hunchback whales would be enough to tempt you to this one-in-a-million destination.

Los Haitises National Park

Located in a remote area of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, this stunning wildlife preserve is home to an impressive variety of rare tropical animal and plants.

Though only limited amounts of people are allowed visit, its exceptional stature jutting out of the ocean makes it one of the country’s most spectacular treasures.

Pico Duarte

Did you know that Dominican Republic boasts the Caribbean’s tallest peak in the province of San Juan?

Standing over 10,000 metres off the ground, it’s no wonder this peak has become a popular hiking destination for natives and tourists alike.

And with its stunning views and unique vegetation, it’s no surprise that it is something for locals to boast about.

Las Galeras

This small fishing village offers quiet and remote beaches making it a far cry from more popular tourist destinations on the island.

Unspoilt and unassuming, this charming location is perfect for wasting the hours away. No wonder it tends to top the list for locals looking to sit back and relax.


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