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Together against the odds: Annie’s story

Together against the odds: Annie’s story

“At first, I didn’t want to talk to him.”

So begins Ding user Annie’s unorthodox story about how she met a special someone while on one of her regular visits to Cuba.

“He asked me too many questions. I thought he was like other Cubans.

“Last week, I was in Cuba with my father and he had an accident. We went to the hospital.

“This man took the time to call me at the hospital. I realized that my judgement was all wrong and I gave him another small chance.”

“When I kissed his cheek, I saw his eyes and his smile. Never say never!”

Despite Annie living in Canada, she and Eliagny keep in constant touch and can’t wait for the next opportunity they will have to spend time together.

“We see each other 3 times a year. I will be in Cuba December 25th for Christmas and we will share the first kiss of the New Year.

“He is in my heart always but I prefer to put my head on his shoulder.”

Though the couple have dreams of one day living close by, for now they have to make do with

“We have no choice to enjoy the time we have together. We will see for the future, but it is very complicated.

“Two completely different countries and in Canada, it is very cold and I don’t want to find him frozen in the snow!”

However, using Ding’s services means that Annie and her partner can keep in touch despite the obstacles and the distance.

“With Ding, we can communicate without worrying about counting the minutes. We use email and phone once a month and I put recharge on his phone every 6 weeks.

Join Annie and thousands of others topping up Cubacel phones in Cuba.

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