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Recharge and rebuilding a home in Cuba: Kelli’s story

Recharge and rebuilding a home in Cuba: Kelli’s story

On one of her numerous trips to Cuba, Ding user Kelli was introduced to people who would change her life forever.

Now Kelli cannot imagine not knowing her Cuban friends.

“About two years ago I met a young lady through a friend who also goes [on holidays] to Guardavaca, [Cuba].

“She and I hit it off, she is [like] the daughter or sister I never had. Whenever I go to Cuba, I have a suitcase of 50lbs for her and her family; I take things the family needs.”

Sometimes the things that Kelli’s Cuban friends need are things that many of us might take for granted.

For example, basic electricity.

“On my last trip I took ten solar lights, they did not know what they were so I explained how they worked and they were so happy.

“A couple of days later I went by their home as it’s a 5 minute walk from the resort and I saw that the lights were not where I put them.

“I asked about them and they said they were afraid to leave them outside in case someone stole them and I told them that they need the sun to recharge.

“So now they just bring them in at night as they also help keep their electric bill down.”

Despite Kelli’s efforts to help her friends in Cuba, they still face daily challenges and this is not helped by unpredictable obstacles like the one that devastated the family in 2012.

“Their home was hit by Hurricane Sandy and most of the house was destroyed but last year two of my friends gave me $2500 dollars to take to her family to rebuild their home.

“Where we are standing in this picture (see above) is now their living/ dining room area. They are now working on the floor, I’m happy they have a home again."

As soon as Kelli returned home after first meeting with her friends in Cuba, she wanted to know how she could keep in touch without costing them money.

“I came across Ding [when I was trying to top-up their phone], (they only have one). I can’t afford to do it all the time but when the 150% Cubacel promotion is on, it helps huge and lasts her about three months or more.

“It’s my only way to keep in contact with my Cuban family. I’m always missing them as they are the most genuine people around.”

Join Kelli and thousands of other people in the US who are sending invaluable Cubacel recharge to families and friends in Cuba.

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