Phone users in Cuba welcome new features including Cubacel portal

Phone users in Cuba welcome new features including new Cubacel portal

Cubacel, the mobile communication brand of ETECSA, is expanding features on offer to phone users in Cuba.

Considering that 25% of Cuba’s population access the internet on a weekly basis, the news will come as a welcome addition to phone and communication services for the local population. 

Cubacel is the only mobile phone operator in Cuba and enables users to access to mobile phone services such as national and international calls and texts.

A users’ account balance can be topped-up in designated stores on the island or by friends and family around the world using online top-up services such as Ding.

In November 2017, Cubacel launched an exciting new feature that grants insight into the future of phone services in Cuba; this new feature is an online portal entitled ‘Mi Cubacel’.

Introducing Mi Cubacel

The portal can only be accessed via a users’ phone at this time and once connected, allows them to instantly check their Cubacel account balance, bonus balance and keeps them up-to-date on any domestic promotions. As well as all this, Cuban users can also review their transaction history and purchase bundles and recharge for their own account.

The Mi Cubacel portal is only accessibly via a specific webpage on a mobile phone. All in all, it gives the user more control and freedom over their Cubacel account online (this means they do not always have to go to a physical store to check their balance or make purchases).

So how does it work exactly?

The infrastructure for 3G wireless data connectivity is available on the island but unfortunately its use remains limited. However, it is being used to facilitate the new Mi Cubacel portal and can now also be used to check Nauta emails even if a user is outside a designated Wi-Fi hotspot.

This 3G signal is established in most populated areas in Cuba so whenever a user is in range, they will have the capacity to check their emails for free or access the brand new portal.

Nauta, also run by ETECSA, allows users access to the internet via the hundreds of active public Wi-fi hotspots in Cuba.

How does someone access the portal?

To access the portal, a user should have their mobile data turned on to be able to view the required webpage. They will then need to register their Cubacel account before they can get started with the services provided.

As services expand for users in Cuba, there is also an increased demand for mobile recharge to be able to reap the benefits of these new features.

If a friend or loved one recharges a Cubacel account from overseas via an online recharge service, the phone user in Cuba will be able to monitor this balance via their portal. This gives them the ability to easily notify friends and family when their balance gets low or when a new promotion is on the horizon.

Mobile recharge remains a luxury in Cuba which is why the country is one of the largest receivers of international mobile recharge.

You can assist users in Cuba by helping them to have access to expanded communications services by sending a recharge online with Ding! All you need to get started is the users’ mobile phone number or Nauta email; it’s that simple.

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