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Moving to Cuba for love: Sharon’s Story

Moving to Cuba for love: Sharon’s Story

Canadian Ding user Sharon was no stranger to Cuba having visited the Caribbean island on many occasions.

While she loved it there, she never thought that a trip to Cuba three years ago would dramatically change the life of her good friend, Heather, for the better.

“We were all couples except for her,” says Sharon about the trip.

“[She met Orestes] at a resort that we frequently go to. He was our pool bartender and my husband and I had known him for many years.

“She was sad and he could see it in her eyes. He said to her ‘I will be your partner for today’ and made her a ring out of a straw. Days go by and these two somehow just connected with each other.

“She lived in New Brunswick (Canada) and he in Cuba but after hours of talking on the phone they knew something was there so she jumped on a plane and went to see him”

While many couples that meet in Cuba may move to Canada or the States, for Heather it was a no-brainer that she wanted to start a new life in Cuba

“As a Canadian girl she always should watch herself for a Cuban possibly marrying her to get out of the country but after numerous trips and hours of conversations, they decided for her to come to Cuba. He didn’t want to leave his country he is a very proud Cuban.”

“And so years later they are happier than ever.”

And it seems that the romance continues for Heather who regularly keeps in touch with Sharon to update her on her new life abroad. 

“They have a beautiful apartment in the city and it is ‘Canadianized’ as we call it. She has an amazing life, stress-free.

“The best part about this story is every time she came to see him he continued to give her a ring made from straw. After many straw rings, he finally said this time I won’t give you a straw ring, this time it’s a ring gold ring and he asked her to marry him.”

For Sharon, it was important to be able to stay in touch with Heather after she moved away. 

“We see them five times a year and we stay in touch with them every two weeks via IMO, email, telephone and IM.

“She had told me about Ding when we were down visiting her and since then we have been using Ding to have contact with them. We are so glad to be able to do this.

“Without Ding we wouldn’t be able to stay in touch as much. This is such a great company.”

Join Sharon and millions of others using Ding to send Cubacel recharge to friends and family in Cuba.

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