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Mobile data coming to Cuban phone users in 2018


In November ETECSA, Cuba’s communications service provider, launched Mi.Cubacel, an online portal that allowed users to check their mobile balance and promotions even when not in a Wi-Fi zone.

As this portal uses already established 3G on the island to allow users to access the internet outside of established hotspots, many hoped that widely-accessible mobile data was on the horizon.

Sure enough, as announced by ETECSA president, the communications provider are looking to enable access to the internet on mobile devices for most phones users in Cuba in the coming months.

Mobile data for Cubans

Though details on the new service are yet to be released, it is estimated that by the end of 2018 mobile data could be a reality for phone users in Cuba.

The announcement comes after the arrival of Nauta Hogar in early 2017. This allowed users access to internet services from home.

Over 11,000 people have availed of the service since its launch in 2017, highlighting the demand for flexible internet access on the island.

Over 25% of Cuba’s population access the internet on a weekly basis, the majority of these being between the ages of 18 and 35.

Developments in Cuban communications services 

Since 2008, internet and mobile services have greatly expanded in Cuba from the introduction of ETECSA’s mobile communication brand Cubacel to Nauta accounts that allow access to the internet for the population through Wi-Fi hotspots.

More recent developments include access to Nauta email even when outside a Wi-Fi zone and of course, the online portal of Mi.Cubacel. In 2017, 600k new mobile lines were activated for 4.5 million subscribers in Cuba.

As well as this, all universities are also connected to the internet.

Mobile recharges for Cuba 

These communication services are greatly aided by the availability of online mobile recharges from around the world.

Many friends and family of people in Cuba send regular online recharge to their loved ones from abroad via mobile top-up services such as Ding.

As services expand in Cuba, the demand for mobile recharge has never been greater. Keep your loved ones connected and send an instant mobile recharge with Ding today.

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