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Long- distance love: Nicole’s story

Long- distance love: Nicole’s story

“I’ve met a wonderful person in Cuba who has turned out to be my special one.”

This is how Ding user Nicole starts her amazing story of how she met a very special someone while travelling around the world.

Nicole, who is from Germany, met Anyel while she was exploring the island of Cuba.

“We met on my vacation this year in June. He was our hosts’ nephew.

“We only get to see each other every 6 months or whenever the tickets are not too expensive.

Despite the distance and time difference, the couple have worked hard to keep in touch.

“In order to tell each other every single day how much we care about and miss each other, we use Ding to stay connected.

“We e-mail, we text, we video chat but one of the sweetest things we do is let the phone ring two or three times and hang up, just to let each other know that in that moment we are thinking of each other.”

Nicole and Anyel’s story is one that is familiar to many of our customers around the world who use their recharge to spend invaluable time communicating with loved ones.

We asked Nicole what was the hardest part of being away from Anyel: “The hardest part is definitely not being able to stand by each other when times get rough. We can only text each other words of encouragement.

“We definitely hope to be together for good and live together. I will see him again by the end of the year and we will discuss our future plans then. I’m very excited and really can’t wait.”

Join Nicole and thousands of other who are sending Cubacel recharge to loved ones in Cuba.

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