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Leaving US to study in Cuba: Dick’s story

son in cuba credit to cubacel phone in cuba recharge

When Dick’s son Scott decided to spend a semester abroad studying in Cuba, neither anticipated just how difficult it would be to stay in touch.

A student of Gettysburg College Pennsylvania, Scott chose to spend a few months studying Spanish and political science in Havana.

Despite being given a phone to use while in Cuba, keeping the phone up and running every month was easier said than done.

“[Scott’s phone] requires that all services be prepaid so each month he has to put about $30 USD on the phone so he can communicate with his Program Director and home.

“To do this in Havana would require him to go to a phone store, wait in line and then use his own money to purchase minutes. This is an issue faced by all American students in Cuba.

“With Ding I could add minutes to his phone from my PC here in the US with no lines and instant acceptance.

“It is a fast and convenient way for me to support my son so he can spend his time studying and not worrying about buying minutes locally.”

Having to queue for access to services that are so readily available at home is not the only cultural difference Scott has noticed during his time spent in Cuba and life in Havana is not always simple.

“At first he was homesick,” says Dick.

“This was his first time travelling by himself and having to speak exclusively Spanish to his host parents, professors and potential friends.”

Thanks to international mobile top-up services like Ding, the distance between loved ones around the world can feel a little smaller.

Join Dick and thousands of others who are using Ding to support loved ones in Cuba with Cubacel recharge.

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