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From long-distance romance to the perfect wedding: Amanda’s story

From long-distance romance to the perfect wedding: Amanda’s story

“When I met my now husband in April 2014, we were (and still are) separated by distance.”

Ding user Amanda never expected to fall in love on a trip to Cuba until she bumped into her future husband, Yoandri, at a market.

“I met my husband in Cuba in April 2014 at a local craft market in the town of Guardalvaca. He was selling leather items and working with a family friend my parents have known since 1996.

“We exchanged numbers and kept in touch every single day since.”

Once she knew that Yoandri was the one, Amanda was determined to make the relationship work despite not knowing anyone else who was in a similar situation.

She realised that she needed a way to keep her husband’s phone recharged in order to be able to stay connected to him.

“At the time, I didn’t know anyone else in a similar relationship as me, and I was curious if there was a way I could top-up my husband’s phone so we could stay in contact!

“I remember searching in google: ‘how to add credit to a Cubacel line.’ The first website that popped up was Ezetop (which is now Ding). The website had amazing reviews and was so user-friendly.

“I was able to add credit in a matter of seconds and I can’t explain how happy I was to find this website!”

Despite having the ability to keep Yoandri’s phone topped up, Amanda admits that having a long distance is still not easy.

“There are so many hard parts about a long distance relationship but none of the hardships compare to how much love we have for each other.

“The hardest thing I would have to say is wanting to physically spend time together with my husband and not being able to because of the distance. Also in regards to Cuba and how hard it is to communicate with that country sometimes also makes it very hard.

“Thankfully by using Ding we have less communication issues.” 

But for Amanda and Yoandri, it seems that the wait is over on their long distance problems as they will soon be able to spend all of their time firmly together.

“My husband was granted his PR visa yesterday and is coming to Canada on Nov 21. We will continue to use Ding to stay in contact with friends and family down there. 

“Thank you so much for helping me stay in contact with my husband over the last few years.” 

Join Amanda and thousands of others who are sending Cubacel recharge to loved ones in Cuba.

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