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From beginnings in Cuba to fame in Australia: George’s story

george smilovici comedian in cuba musician cubacel mobile

Not many people can say that they have knocked Stevie Wonder off the top of the charts but George Smilovici is not just anybody.

As a successful stand-up comedian, he has enjoyed considerable success in Australia culminating in his chart-topping comic monologue ‘I’m Tuff’ which removed Wonder’s ‘I just called to say I love you’ from the number one spot. 

Despite having spent much of his life in Australia, George actually hails from thousands of miles away and still feels deep ties to his home country.

“I was born in Cuba in 1955. My family left when I was four years old.

“I've always felt a connection with Cuba. My father was a famous pianist there in the 50s. He owned two hot nightclubs.

“Because of him I was enthralled with Cuban life and enchanted by his stories of a bewitching emotional world and a rich, beguiling culture. “

It’s no surprise then that after years of success in Australia George returned to Cuba and now spends half of the year there. 

“Several years ago I returned… and started up an orchestra called ‘FRENTE CALIENTE’, a 12-piece orchestra that I’ve formed and have been recording with for about five years.

“All the songs are my original compositions except for one gorgeous song that my father wrote and dedicated to me when I became a successful stand-up comedian in the 80s. 

“I consider my musicians to be super, like precious jewels. I've just finished an album which will be released later this year.

When George is away from Cuba or needs to get in touch with friends there, he requires a service that can recharge their phone quickly and easily. That’s where Ding comes in.

“I use Ding to keep in contact with all the wonderful people I work with and the people that I love because Cuba is where my heart is!

“I often buy [recharge] for loved ones as presents. My friends need the help.”

Join George and thousands of others who are using Ding to send invaluable Cubacel recharge to friends and family in Cuba from around the world.

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