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Connected to Cuba: Bob’s story

Connected to Cuba: Bob’s story

Ding user Bob may not have family in Cuba, but after many years of vacationing on the Caribbean island he has made a lot of friends there.

“My wife Kim and I have been going to the same resort at Jibacoa for nine years.

“There are lots of nice places in Cuba or elsewhere in the Caribbean but the main reason this hotel has a great return clientele is the staff.

“We now have good friends in Cuba.”

Thanks to the people they meet while on holiday, Kim and Bob’s trips to Cuba have become even more special.

“Yoel is our waiter. We dine with him and his family and spend his off day on a Cuban beach.

“Another friend is Pedro, no vacation would be complete for us without a home cooked meal from his mom.

Though spending their holidays with their new friends in Cuba, they always felt that they wanted to do more for them when they were not around.

“They are always sincerely grateful for the small gifts we bring. But after the good byes, their lives must continue.

“It’s hard supporting a family on tips and small gifts. Our gift of Ding means so much to them.

“Our most recent top-up was to Pedro which we sent without a message. He did not know who to thank but assumed it was from us. He was down to the last few cents on his phone.

“It was a big surprise he said, almost like winning a lottery ticket. It meant so much to him and his family.

“Kim and I don’t miss what we spent but for them it’s a call they are able to make to their loved ones.”

Join Bob, Kim and thousands of others who are sending invaluable recharge to Cuba with Ding and Cubacel.

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