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Breaking down barriers with technology in Cuba: Eric’s story

boy from cuba in usa stays connected phone technology

“I was very fortunate to visit Holguin, Cuba in April 2016 as a part of a goodwill trip.”

This is how Ding user Eric begins his story about how he and his family made special ties to Cuba.

“A friend of ours heard about a group in Canada going to Cuba and he said with the opening up of US relations we needed get involved and a group planned for almost a year to make it happen.

“We provided over 750lbs of baseball equipment and school supplies in the Holguin area and then in the summer (July) we hosted a team of 14-year-old boys here in West Hartford, Connecticut from Holguin. “

After having Reynier, one of the boys they met on their trip, stay with them during the summer they were anxious to stay connected with him after he returned home. 

“We stay in touch with Reynier [and] support him through Ding which provides him with the means to email us from his phone.

“This has become a wonderful relationship and experience for our family and his, breaking down barriers through technology. We hope that someday he and his family will be able to visit us on the US.”

Having spent time in Cuba and with Reynier, Eric and his family determined to maintain his ties to Cuba and the people there.

“My impression of Cuba- [they are] the nicest people I have ever meet. They welcomed us with open arms. They are very poor from what we are accustomed to but are so very happy a people and would give you the shirt off their back.

“Reynier as you can imagine was overwhelmed by his experience here. First time ever in an elevator, riding on a highway, going to a mall.

“He got to go to a Major-League Baseball game, got a tour of ESPN. He thoroughly enjoyed his time here.”

Thousands of people like Eric are using Ding to stay in touch with friends and family in Cuba. Send Cubacel recharge on the Ding app or website to Cuba from the US today.


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