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An ‘amazing’ romance in Cuba: Sharelle’s story

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“My story to me is amazing,” says Sharelle.

“Last year in October I went to Cuba for my first time with a friend. I told myself I would do nothing all week; just relax and take in some sun because I work a lot.

“I also told myself I don't want to know nothing about the guys over there…”

Despite Sharelle’s determination to relax, it seems that one local managed to slip through the net. Sharelle spotted Luis while out one evening with her friend and was immediately intrigued.

“I noticed him at first when he was dancing, and again the next day. Then one night I went to the disco with my friend and he was there. That's where we talked for the first time and danced together all night.

From that moment on Sharelle’s life changed in ways she could never have imagined pre her holiday to Cuba.

“I went back to Cuba in December and February and he asked me to marry him on Feb. 9th. We are getting married in October this year.

“I started the process for him to come to Canada; we plan on building a family together and having two children. He wants a boy so he can play soccer with him.”

Though Sharelle and Luis hope to have many years together, in the meantime they must keep the romance alive through a long-distance relationship which Sharelle admits is hard work.

“What's hard is not having the human contact, or falling asleep with each other.

“We miss each other a lot but we write to each other every day and many times a day. We also talk on the phone as much as we can.”

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