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Finding love on a trip to Cuba: Vanessa’s story

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Vanessa never thought that a vacation in Cuba would change her life forever but that’s exactly what happened when she flew to the Cuban island of Cayo Santa Maria two years ago. 

“I never thought I would be one of those people who went on vacation and fell in love with a local,” says Vanessa.

“But no matter how hard I tried to push him away, he never let me get away.”

Vanessa met her now-husband Walter in the resort where she stayed in Cuba and where Walter worked as an animator.

“At the end of my trip we exchanged contact information and he promised to write me every day.

“I returned a few more times and we got to know each other on a more personal level. We had taken a trip to Varadero together and that is when he proposed and without a doubt in my mind I said yes!”

Following a whirlwind romance, the pair are stronger than ever despite Walter residing in Cuba and Vanessa at home in Canada.

“We’ve now been apart for six months. We are waiting for his permanent residence application to be approved by Canada so we can be reunited.

“I recently gave birth to our beautiful baby girl on February 28 2017 but unfortunately he could not be present for her birth and has yet to meet the little princess.

“I hope that our family will be together again shortly but in the mean time we communicate with each other everyday thanks to Ding.”

Despite technology helping them to keep in touch, staying connected to someone is Cuba is not easy as Vanessa has discovered.

“We manage,” she says of keeping in contact with Walter.

“We communicate mainly through text messages, a few phone calls once in a while and whenever he has access to WiFi we video call.

“The hardest part is definitely the physical contact. Not being able to have the love of my life and my best friend close to me. I am hoping our distance will come to an end soon.”

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