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A life-changing trip to Cuba: Laura’s story

A life-changing trip to Cuba: Laura’s story

When Ding user Laura made the long journey to Cuba, she did not expect her life to change in the way that it now has.

“I am Spanish but have been living in London for 5 years. I visited Cuba in August this year with some friends of mine for two weeks.

“Our first stop was Viñales and we planned to spend three days there.”

However, Laura found this area in northern Cuba so special that she just could not leave.

“Viñales is an amazing place, full of energy and we made really good friends there. After 3 days, one of them, Yoandi became very special to me.

“On the day of my departure, my friends and I were in the car in the middle of the road when we decided to turn around and spend an extra day in Viñales because we loved it too much to leave so soon!

“That extra day was magical. We visited hidden places in Viñales during the day and we spent all night dancing and singing.

“The next day was quite hard to leave but luckily we managed to see our friends again the following week in Havana.

“That week was one of the best weeks of our life. We had so much fun all together visiting and discovering Havana.”

After the best holiday of her life in Cuba, Laura had to say goodbye to her new friends and return home. However, thanks to Ding she has been able to keep in contact with those she met in Cuba, something she would not have been able to do ten years ago.

“It was really hard to leave Cuba but thanks to Ding I am able to see and speak with Yoandi and the others almost every day!

“I am so happy to be able to connect with them in Viñales; it makes me feel that I am still there and still part of its magic.

“It is amazing to have the opportunity to stay connected and thanks to this opportunity I have been able to plan my next visit to Cuba which will be in December.

“I am just counting the days to go back, I can’t wait!”

Stay connected to those who matter most by sending a Cubacel recharge to loved ones in Cuba today.

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