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A Cuban encounter to remember: Steve’s story

romance in cuba long-distance love

Steve met his now-fiancée on a vacation to Cuba and she was mad when he had not initially asked for her number.

“She was my server at the hotel and we hit it off and had a picture taken together.

“One lunchtime we sat with a lady from Quebec who added me on Facebook two months later. She said she was going back to the same hotel so I said to show the picture of us to Dayamir and tell her I said hi.

“Well a week later the French lady came back and contacted me and said that my soon-to-be wife was so mad I didn’t ask for her email or phone number so she sent it with her.

“And we have been together ever since.”

After many trips to Cuba, Steve and Dayamir are looking forward to tying the knot on a beach in Cuba April 20th 2017.

“We organized [the wedding] in January when I was there. It was a total pain but we managed to pull it off somehow!”

 Despite getting married and hoping to be reunited in Canada shortly, maintaining a long-distance relationship is no easy task as Steve can attest to.

“The not being able to hold her, touch her, kiss her, tell her just how much I love her [is the hardest part] but Ding enables it to be easier.

“Thanks Ding – you keep us two lovebirds connected!”

Dayamir knew of Ding before she met Steve and knew it would be the easiest way to stay in touch when the pair were separated.

“She knows when the promotions are coming up and so I got an account and I always top-up her phone and her son’s phone so we can stay connected 24/7.

“The service is amazing and it takes five seconds online to top-up her phone when she is running low.”

Avail of Cubacel’s monthly promotions and send recharge to a loved one in Cubacel with Ding.


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