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Nauta announces price reductions! (And just in time for the holidays)

Nauta announces price reductions! (And just in time for the holidays)

Cuba’s internet service provider Nauta (run by ETECSA) has just announced a price reduction and a new special data offer.

Those topping-up permanent or temporary access Nauta accounts in the country or from abroad can enjoy a substantial price reduction. Instead of costing 2 CUC per hour, internet access will be reduced to 1.50 CUC per hour as of December 19 until further notice. 

This means, that if you send a 10 CUC recharge to a Nauta account today, they will enjoy 6.5 hours of internet time instead of the usual 5.

And this amazing price reduction is valid for those sending recharge to the accounts of loved ones in Cuba from locations all over the world with Ding.

If this was not enough, Nauta has also provided users with the opportunity to avail of the new ‘Bolsa Nauta’.

Available for any user accessing their account from a prepaid mobile phone, purchasing this offer will give users to access their Nauta email account for less data.

Usually, access to Nauta mail cost 1 CUC per MB of data used. Purchasing the ‘Bolsa Nauta’ will allow give 5 MB of access data for just 1.5 CUC. The excess data will have a validity of 30 days from the date of first use.

In order to avail of this offer, all users must do is dial the number *133# from their prepaid phone and follow the prompts. They must also have a minimum of 1.50 CUC in their Nauta account. 

For all the info you need on how to recharge a Nauta account using Ding, just follow this link.

For T&Cs of this offer, please click here.

For information on how to open a Nauta account in Cuba, click here. To see how Cubans are using their internet and data, check out our infographic here!

How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

June 2016 06/2016 How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

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