Havana seafront set to become Cuba’s largest WiFi hotspot

Havana seafront set to become Cuba’s largest WiFi hotspot

The historic Malecón Boulevard in Havana is set to become the latest addition to Cuba’s nationwide internet hotspots.

As the number of hotspots on the Caribbean island continues to grow, the government has released ambitious plans for the seafront WiFi connection point.

This idyllic location will soon become Cuba’s largest WiFi hotspot and is set to be open before the end of 2016.

The Malecón is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike and is often bustling with people and music each evening.

The iconic boulevard stretches 8 km along Havana’s picturesque coastline and the connection point will be a welcome addition to the 28 hotspots already established in the capital.

The news comes shortly after the ETECSA’s announcement that the number of hotspots on the island had increased to 200 as relations and communications continue to improve with the US.

Internet users can access the internet at these hotspot locations using Nauta.

Nauta is a government-run service which provides Cubans with an account that allows them to access the internet at designated WiFi zones.

While fees remain high for internet access, people from anywhere in the world can recharge these Nauta accounts from abroad.

On Ding.com, you can easily top-up the Nauta account of a loved one in Cuba providing them with invaluable access to the internet, social media and instant messaging sites.

To avail of this service, simply head over to the recharge Nauta page, enter the user’s email address and send recharge. It’s that simple!

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