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From Switzerland to Cuba with love: Nadine’s story

From Switzerland to Cuba with love: Nadine’s story

Long-distance relationships can be difficult at the best of times but throw in a six-hour time difference plus 7987 kilometres and sometimes it can feel almost impossible.

But for Ding user Nadine, she knows that it will all be worth it when she gets to spend time with her boyfriend, Denis, after a long stint apart.

“We met a year ago in Cuba when I was travelling in Latin America. Immediately I fell in love and extended my journey to spend more time with him.

“After the happiest two months of my life I had to get back to Switzerland for work and university.”

Despite being in love, Nadine admits that the distance and communications in Cuba make it extremely hard for the couple to stay in touch.

“We’re struggling with our long-distance relationship. This is a distance you can only bridge with lots of money and time.

“Right now we have not seen each other for four months and it seems like we have to wait another three months.

“It’s very frustrating sometimes and I just keep asking myself: ‘Why was he born in that country?!'

“There's only internet connection in parks and hotels (which sometimes doesn’t work). I always have to visit him because they probably wouldn’t allow him to cross the border and he can’t afford a plane ticket.

“Nonetheless, we never think of giving up. We just try to focus on our goals and the next time in the airport when I’d hear him scream my name, run into his arms and hug him tight, laughing and crying at the same time and kissing him like I haven’t kissed him for months.

“That’s what keeps us going in the sad moments."

Nadine keeps in touch with Denis by sending him Cubacel top-up on Though it doesn’t solve all their problems, it means they can at least communicate with each other every day.

"We usually arrange a 'Skype-Date' by text message. The irony is, that Skype doesn't work in Cuba, Facetime neither.

"The problem is that most of the time these things don't work because of the poor internet connection. So we end up screaming 'Hola' repeatedly, trying to connect a hundred times and being mad at Cuba because it doesn't even allow us to see each other."

Despite the frustrations, Nadine is grateful for the opportunities she does get to stay in touch with Denis even if they are less frequent then she would like. 

“Of course, sending and receiving text messages in the middle of the night because he forgot about the time lag or getting up at 5 AM on Sundays in order to video chat with him is special.

“We are so glad that Ding exists so we can do this.”

Join Nadine and thousands of others who are sending invaluable recharge to Nauta accounts in Cuba.

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