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From Mexico to a hospital bed: Jesùs’ story

From Mexico to a hospital bed: Jesùs’ story

Trying to keep in contact with family overseas is difficult at the best of times, but for Jesùs and his son Adriano Camilo the stakes are even higher.

Adriano and his mother, Judith, live in Havana, Cuba while Jesùs is Mexican and currently residing in his home country.

“[Adriano] has brain tumours and because of where those are located his body growth is erratic.

“He’s 17 and already 1.95 mts tall, his left ventricle is 40% bigger than the rest of it and he has many more function failures.”

It’s incredibly difficult for Jesùs, who is currently trying to move to Cuba to be closer to his son and feels helpless being so many miles away.

“The hardest part is not being able to help his mother with his hospital care. She spends most of the year in hospital and his mother sleeps on a kind of living-room sofa.

Jesùs uses Ding to send invaluable recharge to Adriano’s Nauta account in Cuba. This lets him access the internet from his hospital bed.

“The only not too expensive way to communicate on a daily basis is through Ding so he can connect on WiFi spots at the hospital."

Though services like Ding are making it easier to stay connected to loved ones abroad, there are still many obstacles to staying in touch with family especially in Cuba.

“Sometimes WiFi in Cuba is not available and all the time the signal is so poor that we cannot use webcam to at least see each other. I know things will work out for the best but it is hard.

“I live in Mexico and the possibility of speaking to him every day keeps me going. Please pray for him (and for me to remain strong so I can keep helping him).”

Join Jesùs and thousands of others who are sending invaluable Nauta recharge to loved ones back home in Cuba.

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